Inside the mind of the "most toxic 1%"

Ok, in hindsight the title may be a bit misleading; though I am apparently the most toxic 1% and these are my thoughts... Firstly, I think I should give a little background into myself. I have played games since I was 3 years old, I am now 30. I have played League of Legends from S2-S4 then quit (Reduced the time I played from 3+ hrs a day to 1-2 games a month) until Ahri changes was reverted (She was my main since I bought her in S2, I literally switched main roles from Top to Mid for this champion and never looked back). I am very critical of myself and those around me. Despite playing MMO's and competitive games for the majority of my gaming time including StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Swtor, Hearthstone, DotA, Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft 3 and many others, having been a raid leader for a realm 35 guild on WoW (yeah, we wasn't "pro" but this isn't awful either, as we were situated on a top 3 most populated server at the time), I have NEVER been banned or chat restricted in any game other than League and I would like to use this post to explore this and what the key differences I have noticed between the games and systems, as well as community attitude, which lead to such a high level of toxicity. While I have been chat banned several times, I haven't actually received a single account ban for raging or being toxic, however I have lost an account to "Botting" despite never touching a bot in any game ever, because I'm literally one of those people who think botters are moronic assholes because why bother playing a game if you're not going to PLAY it, it's literally a counter-intuitive waste of time. I want to put some perspective to this before I start explaining what the problems are: My average argument on World of Warcraft has incredibly rare instances of vulgar language and the average "argument" lasts about 30 seconds with someone who is continuously dying or screwing up, which is how long it takes players to present the facts. The argument feels like arguing with people who are slightly misinformed and need bringing up to speed. I will likely only argue with 1-2 people a month. In League of Legends however, an argument with the typical feeder will last from anywhere to 10 minutes to 40 minutes with them trying to add you to the game after to talk more shit and ask for 1v1's to prove how pro they are (I win like 90% of these 1v1's jej), this is where he says nothing and deletes you, because you literally can't win an argument with irrational defensiveness. The argument feels like I want to hit him with a glass bottle (I have no criminal record) because he's literally an intolerable troll who refuses to even attempt to be rational. Most likely to argue with 4 people a day with less time played. Before I get onto my main point, even if you do not agree, these above tendencies from players are very worrying when these numbers can be applied to the EXACT SAME PEOPLE, who are being banned in this game (such as I), and therefore should definitely be looked into, because from my perspective, my rage record is something like 200 games = 0 raging, top 1% rager = 1 game. Apparently, 0.5% rage tendencies make me a top 1% rager in your game then something is seriously wrong. If I had a score of 20 kills 1 death, you wouldn't be calling me a feeder. See how ridiculous this is? Now, the things I will discuss in this post are not necessarily true in every SR match you participate in, or even the majority of games, because lets face it, most people who are banned are not banned in their first 10 League of Legends games and it only takes 3 games in a short time to receive some kind of restriction, sometimes less depending on severity, and while ranked is generally more toxic than normal modes, such attitudes exist in ARAM and normals too. One of the major issues I have as a "1% most toxic player" is the amount of misuse of buzzwords like "Toxic" and "Int". It's almost as if it has become cool to throw these words around when you don't like something someone says, even if it is it legit criticism without flaming. It quite often looks something like this: Person A: If you stay under your turret and farm when you're low on health maybe he won't be able to kill you Person B: Maybe if you follow Zed then we wouldn't die Now if you think this is flaming, you're legit a special kind of snowflake, this is constructive criticism no matter how you twist it, especially when the guy is literally being deleted near the enemy turret. If I'm wrong, he shouldn't be talking about the Zed I pinged SS 20x, he could simply try saying "I've tried that and they killed us under the turret anyway so I'm maximizing my CS as best I can" but these people are so egotistic they literally cannot discuss game play in a way that gives any indication that they might not be perfect, nor do they even know why they are doing what they are doing, so they just lash out with passive aggressive comments.. Person A is now in a tough spot in terms of communication, if Zed is fed and vision is bad, and the enemy jungler is being aggressive in your jungle, following him isn't the right play because I will likely just get deleted 2v1 (Then Person A gets reported for feeding after a bad communication exchange because Person B is insecure, even if he doesn't he loses lane because he had to satisfy bot lane or risk being reported for lack of team work) but depending on what person A says next, his original statement could be considered flaming too, when in fact it wasn't even close to flaming, it was useful criticism towards winning the game. The problem is that Person B, who is looking for an excuse to report the guy who said something other than "I love you Person B, I will do everything you want", simple cannot accept that he misplayed based on the situation. And let's not pretend here, games like this are not that uncommon if you're playing 3+ hours a day and while this example is incredibly cherry-picker, this is certainly not the only example, I experience similar situations AT LEAST every 1/16 people I see on this game (At least one every 4 games when solo queuing), and I can only assume the enemy team has a similar amount of trolls. Now there is a bit of a moral problem here. In normal every day life, it is Person A's right to be able to explain why Person B is wrong, but in League of Legends, he is immediately on a knive edge to being considered toxic, just because Person B went into insecurity defense mode. In World of Warcraft in such situations when criticizing someone, good players (you can check achievements and gear in that game and even analyze in-game logs during raids to get definitive answers) will simply respond with something like "true, but <why he failed> + <what he will try to do differently>", this is because they know what they are talking about. Players who tend to respond with defensive trash are always bad players significantly below the standard of the rest of the team or trolling, they respond like that due to being unable to analyze the situation effectively or not knowing how to because they're tunnel visioning with sound off or just plain trolling, hence why they don't fall back despite 20 pings from mid lane. Instead of banning Person A for defending himself or explaining why Person B is wrong just because Person A is solo queue and Person B is duo/trio queue, how about we start banning people who are 0% responsive to 20 pings and give people double kills despite having over 30 seconds walking to perform 5 seconds of movement. Why are chat logs watered down to only show my chat and not the rest of the teams? I already know their names from many sites which show my game history, removing their names and chat from log is pointless. All you're doing is removing the context of the raging, which makes it hard to discuss any gray areas and address community attitude in general. Now I know to a lot of you this sounds ridiculous and there are a lot of gray areas and ambiguity, really, I do understand. I also understand this is a very specific issue, however, it happens nonetheless. Even in real life, policies are implemented to close loop holes or try to change the behavior of countries such as benefit fraud where innocent people are caught in the net, however, this isn't real life, it's a game, and there are better solutions. With the addition of the replay feature in the League Client now, Riot should allow us to report people in-game and when the report button is hit, a replay of the last 2 minutes of the game can be sent, so judgment has it's full context. Don't confuse my goal here either, I am not saying some situation are okay to rage, what I'm saying is that if toxicity is created by people who are grieving, and they are 2/3 premade vs a solo guy, there is a distinct report advantage that is completely unrelated to moral decision. The very fact that instigators can join a game, and outnumber someone 3 to 1, and purposely troll, talk rubbish, feed and act like a total trash of a human being for the sole purpose of pissing people off is the most triggering thing I have ever experienced in 27 years of gaming. If you really want to fix toxicity in this game, if you even slightly care about trolls and flamers, ragers and people who ruin the community, then this NEEDS to be addressed. You are banning players who are not generally toxic, who merely trigger on people who would be thrown out of parties, clubs and arrested for anti-social behavior or wasting police time if they act like this in real life. Sure, earlier I said this is a game, not real life, but we don't want this anti-social behavior in game, do we? So I guess what my point is by all this, is that the current system protects assholes. That's right, I'm saying the report system itself is the cause of much of the toxicity, sure they get banned for instigating too, but they'll just make another account, and since they're just trolls, they literally don't care either way. Meanwhile, Riot lose money because people will refuse to spend money on this game when the moneyspent on the account has no security. I have mental health issues which make it impossible for me to just "not defend myself" when I am quite obviously verbally attacked for giving tips, now I don't know about the countries you guys are living in, but in the UK, this guy would be considered a disrespectful arrogant twat. But this is League of Legends, and he has snowflake protection here. I used to spend £20 a week through S2 and S3, and now I've spent nothing since S4. And again, while you might have a different philosophy than this to dealing with trolls, what you're actually doing is screwing over profits, because people was instigated into a reaction for trying to be useful and provide tips for bot lane not to be complete trash, now refuses to spend a penny on your game, great business plan you got there. From me alone, you have lost just over £4160 because I don't feel like my money is safe in your hands under these systems. How many other players do you think the system has influenced to stop spending money when you have 100 million monthly users? "Most toxic toxic 1%", likely at least 20% of these people are just triggered by other assholes, how many of these spent money on previous accounts then decided not to because they was banned as a result of the community being untolerable? 1 in 4 people have mental health issues in the UK, are you just alienating all these people and happy with your systems being non-compatible to people who want to give tips but also feel compelled to defend themselves from verbal trash? You can say "just ignore them", but this makes me feel like I'm wasting my time, because I'm shutting down the communication for my team and my strengths revolve around shot-calling, rather than being crazy mechanical, so what you're saying is mute my ability to carry? Or you're saying people in a similar situation to me should all just quit because the games systems are horrendously designed for us as human beings? Furthermore, the more people who get tired of this, will be more decent people who was, what I'll term as bait-banned, who will eventually quit, making the ratio of trolls vs legit players even more horrendous than it is now which will create a snowball of dogshit troll culture, pretty sure no one wants this. Another advantage to the trolls is that trolls fun comes from trolling therefore they care about having to level another account because they can troll anytime no matter what, but the guy who gets bait-banned? He just wants to expand his champ pool and improve without being subject to 40 minutes in prison with an intolerable prick who only logs into this game to piss people off. Finally, this is comparatively a minor issue but one that needs to be raised, because lots of small issues can build into bigger issues. The (currently) unavoidable client/system issues in themselves are toxic before we even get into game, if you want the game to not be toxic, getting into a game needs to be non-toxic. - 15 minute queue dodge timer because the client crashed, now this is probably the most controversial because it's essentially the solution to another problem which is even more annoying as mentioned below - Spending 30 minutes in the queue because 15 people queue dodge in a row Let's be honest here, go look at Heroes of the Storm mission system and all their interesting quests that make it fun and provide incentive for me to try new champions and/or play non-main roles, the mission system could be an incentive that removes the NEED FOR FILL. I'm not saying MSI and other events shouldn't have a set of missions, I'm just saying we should have missions that provide incentive for good play and team work regardless of whether there are events. Now dealing with this system in a way that isn't so bland would allow you to fix the two problems above this by allowing players to think "I can get a loot chest for playing 3 support games this week", instead of "Wow, 14 queue dodges from getting mid, now I'm %%%%ing support, GGGGGG SHIT SYSTEMS". But seriously, do you see how toxic this is? If not, the game will stay toxic forever, cause this system is literally trigger mode 101 and provides 0% fun for anyone Well, as I said I have mental health issues so I apologize if the structure of this is horrendous, my thoughts are quite broad as a whole and hard to simplify into cohesive sentences and I don't want to invest too much time into planning something people probably won't read all the way through anyway. To tell the truth, I'm not even convinced riot care about the state of the community, because the ban hammer is easy for them, and stupid rich people will just make a new account and buy more skins. Scam business model > Community quality.
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