Lmao. This is what happens when you don't know basic communication.

Guy 1: This toxic community in nutshell, everybody trolling, feeding, flaming. Guy 2 gets punished for telling the ohter 3 players to stop flaming, ultimately snapping and just firing an insult to wake the guys up. Guys 1 and 3-5 on forums just go "it's your fault. You shouldn't flaame in any circumstances" and showing disrespect rather than support that both sides are wrong. AND THATS what creates the spiral of toxicity. The more you get to see that there is absolutely no way to bring players together without risking yourself getting punished, the more you understand that being toxic is the only way and eventually you either quit or don't care at all for anything anymore. And thats a probleem that needs to change. Stop pointing fingers at one guy but point fingers AT ALL OF THEM. Thanks
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