The report system sould be fixed.

The report system makes so bad decisions. I wont comment them because i am sure you all have had at least 1 and there are many videos out there where people discus not fair bans, peneltys and still not banned or abused toxic or trolling player(not players taht haev a bad game) The reason I write this is to call up to other people that think the system is bad and it should be back to the old one(WHERE PEOPLE ANONYMOUSLY VOTE FOR PENELTY WITHOUT KNOWING THE PLAYERS IN GAME). Whenever and wherever I search there are no reason why they even remade it. I ASK YOU IF YOU AGREE TO VOTE UP OR MAKE A COMMENT SO RIOT SEE IT AND AT LEAST TRY TO GET THE HUMAN SYSTEM BACK because it worked and this one dont. Or maybe use both... i dont know.
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