Lying about getting flamed...

I seriously had this game today. Played support with a Twitch adc. He said it was his first time playing Twitch, which is fine by me. He wasn't good at all, couldn't even farm, but I made no comment on his game play. Enemy has a Thresh, Twitch gets hooked all the time. So he will blame me for not peeling for him, not defending him... In my defense, i said: You should focus on your own gameplay instead of complaining on others. This Twitch said: I'm first time twitch, but you're not playing good if you main support. (And then he complained at the jungler for not ganking.) The jungler said something in their defense. It wasn't anything rude really. But after this, Twitch typed in all chat: Report my jungler and support for flaming me. And the enemy team believes in him. Game goes on, and Twitch start to accuse enemy Thresh for scripting - which he clearly isn't. (That thresh wasn't even that good...) And start to compalin at our midlaner Lulu, who was doing quite alright. 'I'm first time with Twitch, but you're Lulu main and you are not doing shit' That Twitch, was blaming all 3 of us (except his premade friend), while none of us - said anything rude in return - more like 'stop blaming people for your mistakes'. The whole game he kept on about 'us flaming him' That Twitch typed in all chat: 'My team is flaming me so hard for everything'... (When it was pretty much the other way around...) This is the first time I ever encounter such... Just wtf... xd
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