Brilliant idea for a ranked mode

So, lets be honest here, the chat function does more harm than good. People are obviously too stupid to use the in-game chat in productive ways like setting up tactical shots or plays, It is mostly used to either flame or to do something a ping can do like setting up baron, gank calls, flank ideas etc. Mainly doe, it is used to bully a losing teammate, or if your losing flaming your jungler, working on your argumentation skills over the fact that you really should not take the blame for losing your lane, general stupid shit like that, I call it "driving and texting". My solution - Lets create a ranked mode where there is no texting implemented, just a pregame chat and an after game chat so people who want to focus on the game and try to win can actually do that without somebody who grew up with soft parents thinking that whining fixes things because they were brought up that way. I know you would suggest me to mute everybody but that fixes nothing, 3 other people will still be reading the whine, their focus will not be directed at the game and they will almost always start playing worse because of it, telling everybody to mute all wont fix anything either because then they will come up with arguments why team communication is important and explaining to them that everything can be done with a ping will take extra time and mental resources and will result in the same thing the flamer does -> directing teams attention to useless information loosely if at all directed at the game. So for a quality experience, lets give people who just want to play for a win without having themselves and their teammates process some poorly raised players emotional ramblings a chance to enjoy a cleaner game without all the useless in-game drama. Imagine a world where you could play ranked without flamers, Imagine a world where everybody had by default /muteall I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. edit: for some reason people think I want to remove regular ranked... Not saying remove regular ranked, Just saying to add an extra ranked option for people who want a civilized experience.
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