I Gave No Reason What So Ever To Be Perma Banned

Read This... tell Me Now, If i Was Ever Toxic Towards Another Player! Game 1 Ÿasüø: rip 1 adc Ÿasüø: lol Ÿasüø: nah im mid bro Ÿasüø: its cool Ÿasüø: k Ÿasüø: imiss ave Ÿasüø: wave Ÿasüø: ffs Ÿasüø: wow Ÿasüø: dont say gj Ÿasüø: or else ill get pisssed off Ÿasüø: thx Ÿasüø: i am Ÿasüø: fizz stfu Ÿasüø: muted Ÿasüø: just tilts me Ÿasüø: lol Ÿasüø: ffs Ÿasüø: game over Ÿasüø: fizz tilted me Ÿasüø: kayn im coming bot Ÿasüø: is aid help Ÿasüø: wow Ÿasüø: i said help Ÿasüø: kayn i said help but u ddint coem xd Ÿasüø: and you will buy me another one Ÿasüø: k Ÿasüø: deal Ÿasüø: buy me dj sona Ÿasüø: i mean, u can reportt me if uw ant xd Ÿasüø: surrender at 15 :D Ÿasüø: ? Ÿasüø: just because the fizz is better than me Ÿasüø: you wanna report me XD? Ÿasüø: lol Ÿasüø: sure Ÿasüø: i inted thats what u think Ÿasüø: the fizz is better than me and u wanna report lol Ÿasüø: i know Ÿasüø: because he said duo top instead of going bot lane Ÿasüø: now they want to report me :D Ÿasüø: the fizz is better than me but they say im inting Ÿasüø: report for feed? Ÿasüø: because the fizz is better than me lol Ÿasüø: yea but you think im inting Ÿasüø: i havent said i am inting Ÿasüø: i am reading perfectly fine Ÿasüø: ic ould easily report you for toxicity Ÿasüø: i have alrdy Ÿasüø: ? Ÿasüø: lemme guess Ÿasüø: report yasuo? Ÿasüø: tell me one thing i have done for you to report me :D Ÿasüø: theres the flame i need Ÿasüø: for me to report you :D Ÿasüø: this is a bad game Ÿasüø: ok Ÿasüø: you are banned Ÿasüø: no, srsly Ÿasüø: %%% is a insta ban Ÿasüø: ? Ÿasüø: yes Ÿasüø: isnt saying %%% a ban? Ÿasüø: yes it is Ÿasüø: i have a bad game Dude... You Put Game 2 On Here Aswell but, Game 2 happened before i gt 14 day ban so how does that make scence? it wasnt game 2 it was a game before i had a 14 day ban. So.. basically when i stop being toxic.. if someone reports me if i do bad in 1 game... its a perm ban!??!?!
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