How do inters get LP?

So this is a tought i had for a long time, how are there inters in high elo? how does that exist? you need insane ammounts of game time to reach diamond. You start season, complete 10games, even if you win all 10, you get placed somewhere in gold, then you need to get to plat, THROUGH plat, to diamond THROUGH diamond, and if ur lucky, u will be promoted to masters, etc etc reaching even diamond takes insane ammounts of time, you need to play 6-8hours a day or something like that to even come close and almost every single game you queue up, at least 1 person is gonna be a RAT IRL L9 fanboy and will run down, making the game a 4v5, and im talking ALMOST EVERY, if you can go 3 games without having a run down, you should call guinnes world book. So my question is, how are inters in high elo a thing? Like im trying to climb in plat right now, and i had, in last 20 games, 17 people who ran down. Some of those games we managed to 4V5 carry, some we didnt, its about 60% lose rate which is really good considering all were 4v5, but the ones we lost, made me think, when i lose LP, the inters also lose LP, and then they queue up, and they run down, and queueup and run down, and queue up, and run down, its all they do, so how do you get LP doing this?? how can anyone get ouf of silver, or even bronze, by loosing (or trying to lose since sometimes the people just carry 4v5) every single game they queue up to. JUST HOW???
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