is spoiling a movie a reportable offense?

before throwing out this question i want to make some things clear since i've got a lot of misunderstandment when asking others * i am not asking because im planning to do it * i am not asking because someone did it to me or someone i know * i am not asking for spoiling on the boards, im asking if it's a reportable offense IN-GAME ------ if someone spoils, say avengers: infinity war in the chat, major spoilers, is that reportable under any of the given report categories? considering it's the most anticipated movie of all time and has broken the world record for highest grossing on opening weekend, it's safe to say no one wants it spoiled, and spoiling movies is globally known to be a d*ck move. people spoil movies to be an a-hole and they do it intentionally. sure, sometimes you may slip up and accidentally reveal something, but everything has shades of gray. im asking, black and white, is spoiling a movie that's quite new a reportable offense, and if so where do you draw the line? the report categories seem to only apply for in-game manners and behaviour. if you flame, be generally negative, afk, feed, etc, but no report category is about off-topic topics, such as movies and **again**, this is an unbiased question/post. i want to hear others opinions on the matter.
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