Riot does care about inters and afkers.

I've seen many people complaining about Riot not giving a crap about inters or afkers, but most likely they do. I made a comment about this earlier but I think this deserves it's own post. Often people complain about these people being unpunished, and often that may be the case. But the reason isn't that Riot doesn't care it's that Riot must be sure that it was inting instead of being a bad game. For Riot they cannot punish people who have done nothing wrong. For them it's better to not punish people at all than punish the wrong person and I myself also think this way. Then why are people getting banned for flaming? Because it can be detected. Detecting flame is WAY easier than trying to figure out did this player really int or did he just have a bad match. Also you have to remember that most likely this decision has to made by an automated system as it would be simply impossible to have a human look through every report. So Riot does care about people inting, if you were a game desinger, would you like to know that there are players in your game which are ruining the experience for others? No of course not, you would try to get them out of the game, but without punishing someone innocent. EDIT: Ofc by this post i'm not saying that Riot shouldn't try to improve their system. I am saying why it is hard to implement a working system and Riot are probably trying. For example the honor system was an attempt to make the system better and in some ways it did.
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