Suspension - How do i make a ticket

Game 1 In-Game CantAnnihilator: wow CantAnnihilator: %%%% me CantAnnihilator: bot lane CantAnnihilator: buy pink wards CantAnnihilator: ffs CantAnnihilator: nah CantAnnihilator: youre just trolling CantAnnihilator: ... CantAnnihilator: you know that abilities have range? CantAnnihilator: my team are soooo useless CantAnnihilator: HE IS 14/3 CantAnnihilator: mid and bot just inted into him CantAnnihilator: report teemo and ezreal CantAnnihilator: dont blame brand for leaving, those two are toxic as %%%% CantAnnihilator: lol CantAnnihilator: of course twitch wins CantAnnihilator: you brand and teemo inted into him CantAnnihilator: what a %%%%ing %%%%%% this ez is CantAnnihilator: thats like me giving nukes to japan and then them nuking china CantAnnihilator: and then me saying "Oh no, why the %%%% did they dop that Post-Game CantAnnihilator: everyone report teemo and brand I would like to appeal this game. I honestly dont see me doing anything wrong. Unsportsmanlike conduct? They flamed brand, in which brand was being flamed at. I wasnt toxic at all in this game, ill admit, i was annoyed about them flaming brand and making him leave, and i was annoyed at them saying i was feeding, when i was 7/4 and they were all 3/13 and 8/16. "Better jungler wins" after they gave him 32 kills and i gave him 2. SO yeah i would like to appeal the suspension. Can someone give me a link into doing so.

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