Please help, I've fallen and cant get up (wake me up inside.jpg)

Lately (since season 6 started) I have been unable to win my games. Some context before I dive in. I'm mostly a solo player. I never have a premade I'm on skype/ts3, and when I do get a premade, its because somebody from the previous game asked me to go duo with him. I like to think of myself as jungle main, but i'm no one trick pony. I've been playing lol since season 2 and I mainly started playing ranked at preseason 4. For the past few years I have played ranked almost exclusively. (1200 ranked games in s5, less than 30 normals). I tried maining a role, but I have found that I don't particularly hate any role, I don't fancy a single either. I am aware of pros and cons of each role and I think I have mastered all of them to a decent level. Now, since the start of season 6, (I dont know if dynamic queue has anything to do with it) I have started playing ranked since day one. I've had some bad luck it seems and I played bad/was not playing seriously and i got into silver II with 2 Wins 8 losses. Now I was not demoralised or anything because I started in bronze in season 5 and got up to plat 4 at preseason 6, so I thought I had learned how to play ranked and climb the ladder. After that the next 25 games were a breeze. I was on a 8 or 9 games winstreaks, with one loss in between. I played mostly random champions, because after platinum, silver was a breeze. And then I got to gold 5, a day and a half after placements. After 75% winrate, since I got to gold my winrate is around 38%. Now I know what you might be thinking, you got to a division you belong in, its normal. Deal with it. But I thought ok, meta has changed, I have to adapt or I wont be able to climb. So I completely changed the champions i play. I stopped playing Shaco, stopped playing Rengar, and my usual champions, and went for the new and improved ones, such as Graves/Caitlyin/Corki, and started playing some that were powerful because of meta changes, like Jax and yi. Then i changed that too, after not being able to carry 20 or so games, i tried switching to roles/lanes i could carry from. I quickly stopped playing adc because the lane and your score depends too much on another player, and thats just taking too much chance for me. I stopped playing top because I learned that in a new environment where you can get matched solo against 4 premades, you cannot hope to win lane with the enemy midlaner and jungler having a barbecue in your tri-bush. So I started playing mid, with champions that i was sure i could win lane with, such as Zed, LeBlanc. And things seemed to work out for a while because I was winning lane reliably and was getting fed, and i pushed and roamed to other lanes at least 10 times before the 20 minute mark, and i won like 5 or 6 games. But then even that stopped paying off. Even when I stomped lane, my laner would recover/regardless of farm/score because of his premades helping him and my team not listening to pings/warnings. So I tried playing some champions with more map presence, like Twisted Fate. I could not always get fed on lane because of the nature of the enemy picks. (tf is powerless against zed/talon/yasuo) But even then I would just shove lane early and play defensively and after i got ult i would push lane/roam. But even this had limited results because the teams i was in just seemed to not get any advantages when i ganked them. Now you might be thinking: "Yeah sure you stole all kills/you are not as good as you speak/you probably ganked once and then stopped...." and etc. But I thought that might be the issue too, so I went back to my jungle and tried to change my champion pool there and impact the game early with stronger champions with more reliable ganks. Alas still no results. I feel like i've hit a brick wall, and i cant win any game anymore. I try my best, at the end of my last 10 ranked games, I had most gold, most kill participation and I tried really hard to fulfill my role to its fullest. and before you start bashing me, calling me an unskilled noob i present to you my ranked history: [LolKing]( []( And for those of you who think i am a flamer/toxic player, just let me inform you that i have had a 'great teammate' honor crest/ribbon until november last year (because i started playing shaco/getting angry reports) Now since season 6 started I just cannot seem to win regardless of how good/bad i play, irrelevant of a role. Please help me, I'm just getting more and more dissapointed day after day and I don't know why.
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