Stop complaining about auto fill

Do you remember how it was back in the times you had the famous pick order system? Last pick were always going to be the adc or supp guy and basicly 99% of the time if the last pick wanted to play mid or top the answer would be...NO!. Now look at the new auto fill solution, its the best thing it could happen to change this thing, because in the previous system you could be last pick all day long but in this one if you need to play other lane then your 2 favourite roles you just need to do it once, 1 fckin time! AND after that you will have a series of games with your lanes guaranteed! So the thing is, if you dont want to play ranked auto filled then dont do it, but a good player should know at least 1/2 champions for every role, and support role is one of the most important things to know, because the calls and the early game its alot based on the support role.And if for example your friends wanna play but no one wants to supp in a premade of 4 or 5, you could be the man! And you have shorter queues! So actually all that you need to do is to learn nice support fun champs, find your favourite support , srsly supp can be alot of fun, outplaying the enemy as a support is so fun, and you can be traveling around the map warding and destroying enemies, learn champions like karma, zyra, blitzcrank, thresh, like who the hell dont gets annoyed playing against a blitz or a zyra or a brand support? BRAND IS LIKE A SECOND MID LANER late game. Think about it, and stop making boards posts complaining about everything i wanna see good stuff only, tired of annoying posts complaining about autofill
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