Another *very* justified punishment

Got a chat restriction: 25 games. It's based on a game I just finished a couple of minutes ago. I'll paste the chat below. Here's my problem: my entire game was ruined by a troll. Plain and simple. I was winning my lane (first blood), and helped my jungler as much as a I could (he got invated, I came. I was fighting river, I came. Saved him 2-3 times within the first 5 minutes of the game). THEN, this jungler decides to go to my lane, steal farm (smite canon minions and lasthits minions using basic attacks and expunge) and leach exp for about 4 minutes straight. Result: the lane where I was ahead at first, I'm now far behind. The enemy aatrox hits 6 before me, kills me, and now has a huge EXP and gold advantage. A snowballing aatrox? My game is done. I try to farm up but he kills me under tower a couple of times (with his jungler as well) and my twitch jungle not only completely ignores my lane at this point, but keeps flaming me for "feeding" "noob" "/all report darius feed" etc. Yes i am tilted. My team fully understands im getting trolled and they are cool with it (e.g. they dont blame me and they all reported twitch afterwards). I spend the entire duration of the rest of the game farming and pushing toplane, in the hope to somehow get back on my feed. Ofcourse we lose (the twitch troll jungle has less dmg than our support thresh). Endscore: adc: 7/12 sup: 7/6 mid: 0/9 jun: 5/11 me: 5/13 Do you think the trolling twitch got banned? Nope. Do you think I IMMEDIATELY got punished for telling this troll to %%%% off of my lane? Yep. So here is the entire purpose for my post: why the %%%% do I get punished if someone else is ruining my game? This isnt the first time as well. If someone goes 0/30/0 I wont even say a word, I dont care. I START to care when people start flaming ME, or start trolling ME. I've got a bunge of chat restriction/ bans etc in the past and it was ALWAYS because I got tilted after someone was toxic to me. I NEVER initiate toxicity. EVER. But to be always slapped with a punishment and honor rest after I flame BACK is just plain disgusting. I know you people will say 'just mute lol' 'just dont respond lol' but the inherent problem is not that i get banned for toxicity, the problem (imo) is that i get banned for being toxic toward people who AIM to make me toxic. This was my rant, im still tilted beyond belief at this point but you have probably noticed. Any thoughts? Game 1 In-Game TwistingSwords: y? TwistingSwords: DUDE TwistingSwords: %%%% off TwistingSwords: wtf TwistingSwords: why TwistingSwords: ]go jung TwistingSwords: report this kid TwistingSwords: he trolls TwistingSwords: why TwistingSwords: jnust why TwistingSwords: tell me TwistingSwords: %%%% you TwistingSwords: wtf can i do TwistingSwords: this asshole leeches all my exp, steals my farm, smited my canons TwistingSwords: enjoy your free win report this troll jungle x9 TwistingSwords: gj TwistingSwords: must be %%%%ing hard to kill me at this point TwistingSwords: %%%% you twitch TwistingSwords: get a %%%%ing ban TwistingSwords: im going jungle TwistingSwords: idgaf you ruined my entire game TwistingSwords: and then feed your botlane? TwistingSwords: im farming jungle TwistingSwords: ty TwistingSwords: the %%%% are you doin g TwistingSwords: no its not TwistingSwords: i had first blood TwistingSwords: i couldve easely won my lane TwistingSwords: then this trolling asshole comes TwistingSwords: its not crying TwistingSwords: its realistic TwistingSwords: im EXTREMELY far behind TwistingSwords: 4 vs 5 at best TwistingSwords: and with this trolling twitch TwistingSwords: mad impressive TwistingSwords: very gj TwistingSwords: ????? TwistingSwords: yea sorry for building trinity force TwistingSwords: oh wait TwistingSwords: i build the tanky core items TwistingSwords: i genuinly dont know what you guys expect from me TwistingSwords: im just farming till we either get to minute 50 and im full build like the rest, or till we have lost TwistingSwords: there's nothing more to it TwistingSwords: hey look its darius, he is ahead in lane TwistingSwords: let soak his exp and farm TwistingSwords: lets see what that will do to a snowballing aatrox TwistingSwords: gj TwistingSwords: mad skillz TwistingSwords: such a troll this twitch TwistingSwords: i genuinly dont understand either TwistingSwords: all i did from the start of the game was HELP TWITCH TwistingSwords: reward: he soaks my exp and farm TwistingSwords: actually i shut the %%%% up for about 10 minutes TwistingSwords: then this twitch is crying report darius TwistingSwords: %%%% em TwistingSwords: i leeched? TwistingSwords: he is a troll TwistingSwords: his entire purpose is to enter a game, tilt people and lose TwistingSwords: disgustisting pathetic excuse for a human being TwistingSwords: thnx TwistingSwords: and i was walking back TwistingSwords: but they caught me TwistingSwords: and you know what? now we will lose EXACTLY 4.5 seconds sooner
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