riots perma bann

I've said this before and will say again if you're getting butt hurt over words, when you're playing an online competitive game then you really shouldn't be playing an online game. Its funny how you can get a Perma for being toxic, while there are several options to mute some one, yet its near impossible to even get any sort of flags on your account for running it down mid/soft inting and trolling. Riot will never change their policy because it generates them more money to perma ban people and the easiest way to do that is through chat, as long as you don't speak you can soft int 50+ game's in a row and never receive a punishment. i copied and pasted this comment cuz this is so fkin true.. 90% of the not boards community agrees with this. seriously.. i can understand being banned for cheating or going afk for a bunch of time but getting banned for shit talking on a game what is this %%%%ing %%%%% ass babyschool or something? now all the riot knights will comment here 'You were toxic and that is the reason you're banned no disscusion needed' srsly those people.. no need to respond to them
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