Is Challenger Rank2 (ScarletRedHands) an Elo Booster???

One of the top Challengers and probably upcoming Pro Player ScarletRedHands is boosting a Summoner with his smurf account but Riot Games seems to ignore it even after several Reports. Summoner Melina's highest achievement in rankeds was D5 before this Season but in the last 2 weeks she managed to climb from D5 to master by playing Duoq with Reductionsm who is a smurf of ScarletRedHands. If u go on you can see that both have the same Mains and both regularly play with Melina. If that is not enough for you here i have a chat which shows that it's him and that he boosts her (link? On the one hand it's not fair to others who try to reach Master/Challenger Rank on their own with hard work and who are not getting carried by one of the Best Players in EUW. And on the other this isn't an exemplary behavior of a Pro Player so he should receive a punishment for Esports aswell.
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