hey guyz i've been banned 215 days. When will I be unbanned? I've been patient playing Kingdom Rush.

HEy! what's up, i've been going to psychiatrist and feeling really calm. ALSO I HAVE A QUESTION! Why do they keep my account when I never get it back? I believe it's due to hope of getting unbanned? If so. NICE! Also I am wondering why permaban is a thing? ban some1 for 1 year instead of entire lifetime orsmth.... Will resolve the toxic behavior. I'm trying to say that why is permaban a thing. Why woun't they just ban you for 1 year? :D ... Also why they keep the account? Is it some psychological trick? Like think about it. Why does this game have permaban instead of 1 year ban? edit: My account was 10 years old. All skins, champs and rare things gone forever. Some1 could suicide like that or do something really stupid. edit 2: wouldn't 1 year ban be better than perma? I mean I see it even being beneficial to Riot. EDIT 3: Think people. I ddin't get banned 10 years and now i suddenly had some mentally fked up time of my life for 2 months and I lose 10 years of progress forever. The other 9 years and 10 months i wasn't toxic...
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