Losing Honor to BS reports

i got a chat restriction and it only listed 1 game for it, so i have to assume it's the game that got me restricted and this is what cost me honor lvl 5 apperantly: Game 1 Pre-Game Nemitora: I mean Nemitora: she seems annoying Nemitora: but not quite banworthy I guess? Nemitora: at least compared to other shit in the game right now Nemitora: I wouldn't say meh Nemitora: definitely at least decent Nemitora: yeah knowing what she does helps a lot in playing against her Nemitora: but people don't read patchnotes anymore Nemitora: so no one knows what the new shit does Nemitora: qiyana having been the best exmaple for that In-Game Nemitora: apperantly not :c Nemitora: stupid electrocute :T Nemitora: from 45% to 2% in 1 q and anauto :T Nemitora: care bot Nemitora: of course I am Nemitora: not sure why you pined miss Nemitora: cait was mid for 2 minutes already Nemitora: what does that have to do with you pinging well after she's been here xD Nemitora: I didn't but ok Nemitora: would be nice if you'd at least play Nemitora: what you're doing is worse Nemitora: you're trolling yourself right now Nemitora: you have no room to talk Nemitora: ...I'm not...? Nemitora: I am not inting Nemitora: and having bad game is not trolling Nemitora: nwo stop flaming yo ucrybaby Nemitora: and get yur shit together Nemitora: .....I was moving Nemitora: but I cna't fly Nemitora: yes Nemitora: you are Nemitora: and now you're trolling Nemitora: so notihng you did before matters if oyu keep this up Nemitora: unlike you Nemitora: I am playing Nemitora: am trying Nemitora: so yes Nemitora: I AM one to talk Nemitora: sure Nemitora: and then top goes to troll for petty reasons Nemitora: pyke pls Nemitora: at least insult proeprly Nemitora: yes? Nemitora: I have been this entire game? Nemitora: yeah you could Nemitora: what about bot Nemitora: and jungle Nemitora: because oyu guys were jsut as bad so far Nemitora: XD Nemitora: so much to "reported and muted" Nemitora: and there it is Nemitora: the "Kid insult" Nemitora: from the guy that's been brain afk half the game Nemitora: mhm Nemitora: still not trolling Post-Game Nemitora: report lee and varus for flaming Nemitora: and I guess ornn for going afk or whatever that was Nemitora: still not trolling but ok Nemitora: still not trolling Nemitora: you didn't camp mid Nemitora: he really didn't camp mid Nemitora: and I am still not trolling xD Nemitora: if you say so insec Nemitora: what Nemitora: where Nemitora: you ARE titled Nemitora: *ppl Nemitora: we've been over this with pyke Nemitora: weird guy so yeah, 2 people flame the entire time, 1 guy goes afk then trolls because he didn't get "enough" ganks, but I get chat restricted for this. fun.
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