But I didn't do anything..

I was playing {{champion:98}} top, meanwhile our bot got ganked and unfortunately our adc died, but {{champion:89}} managed to dodge every form of cc thrown at her, and somehow stumbled all the way to the salvation of her turret, but the enemy team was not about to give up as they decided to dive her, since she was pretty low. I just hit level 6 and didn't think twice to ult her immediatly, but then she just turned around, positioned perfectly, managed to E ALL 3 of the enemies, and stun the adc, which gave me the perfect chance to just press my E and get a tripple under the turret. But what followed was, "gj shen, wow wp, nice one m8" etc. Not a single word for Leo. Not one. At that I just told her "hey gj, that was all you back there". To which she answered "oh wow thx ^^ noone ever notices the support". This I have noticed has become more frequent, in my games at least. I know it's not crucial to the game, and that ofc noone is forced to, but if you already decided to write gj or wp, include everyone who had something to do with it. Don't just leave out the supports. She basicly made the perfect setup for that tripple of mine, it was literally all her. Yet she got no recognition for it. I know most people don't care about it or don't need it, but it's still nice to tell them you noticed or that you appreciate it.
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