Lets talk about toxicity

Hey guys. As we all know the league is toxic. we all had our fair amount of flamers each and almost every game. let it be us being harassed or a teammate. For the last few days. almost every single day, I get a notification from the instant feedback system that someone took a penalty. once or two times a day.thats more frequent than it should. showing that we truly have a larger problem at hand since punishing and reporting does not seem to make any difference. I have nothing to suggest to go against this kind of stuff that Riot did not try already. but it truly bothers me. my performance as player dropped dramatically and I don't enjoy the game anymore. something new must be done. since banning does not seem to work I have always a flamer on my team. (and pretty sure the enemy has one as well on theirs. but I have cross-chat disabled cause it's pointless to chat with the ones I am trying to beat ) I would like to see how the community really views this issue. and how can we solve it. what do you guys Riot should do about this rewards systems won't work. I've seen many times the same thing being said. "I don't care if lose this account I have plenty" I know they don't mean it. but they do have plenty and can keep on going never changing Something must be done. the game is in a really bad state cause of this. and I am not talking about balances and stuff like that. only about the toxicity of this lovely game
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