Just a friendly reminder to all these hyped up, dedicated, soon to be dedicated TFT players and pissed of league player base that out of all u people RIOT is the No. 1 hyped up person on releasing this new gamemode we all gonna welcome with open arms. Oh yea "Am i a RIOT sympathizer?" Hell no.. They %%%%ed up majorly too many occasions only on this season out of all the other seasons so far. So... im not. "They lied to us about TFT release Time?" I beg to differ.. I think they are undergoing issues/ bugs or simply dont wanna f*k up with the first release of TFT. And if they do that im quite sure the Boards will be filled with ton of cmplains/flames/ blames about TFT live bugs. And try to realize one major fact. that they are going to release TFT on EUW/EUNE which contains more that 50% of the player base (correct me if im wrong here :P) So... let them have their sweet time releasing it.. And enjoy until ur brains explodes when it hits live.. Have some patience until then.. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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