Pattern which causes Toxicity

Sentence starters such as; 'Why didn't you ... ' 'You could have ... ' etc etc ... These all cause problems as it causes players to dwell on the past when they make a poor play. When someone points that out, it tilts them and makes them point the blame in someone elses direction, as they dont want to except them playing bad. For example, a jungler and a top laner both died due to a bad gank. They both ended up arguing and losing the game as they could not get over the fact that they both made bad plays, and never got over it. The conversation normally would start like 'Why didn't you cc the irelia earlier so we could have killed her easier' 'stfu noob you could have cc'd her too but your too slow' this results in toxic behaviour between the two throughout the game, between 2 people which eventually causes a defeat. Is it only me that sees this pattern? tl;dr - In League of legends people dwell on the past because of poor plays which result in arguments and bad behaviour between players, which furthers toxicity. If we could either understand that we all make mistakes and IGNORE the bad play, or ACCEPT the fact that you made a bad play, would LoL be much better? or am i stating the obvious lol

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