Unavoidable conclusion after 3 seasons

As sad as it is, and this is valuable advice for any new people to the boards, no matter what you do in a game, just accept from the start that there's a 50/50 chance of winning the game. Why only 50% no matter what you do?- well it's slightly wrong, because at some point in the ladder, I'm sure players reach that critical evolution point, where their frontal lobe works on a normal human stage, and they stop chasing like bronze %%%%%%s, over an entire unwarded map and die repeatedly, followed by the 'report my team'. For new players, play the game like it's you vs 5 (Sometimes you vs 9), because there's a above average chance that while you may play for the team and focus on objectives (Defending and taking), your team mates will sacrifice you to gain that "vital" kda boost. _It sounds funny, but that's the reality of League of Legends_
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