Proposal for dealing with negative players

Hello ^^ So, I'm quite often finding myself landed in games where people are constantly fighting and flaming one another, and the typical response from some people is something along the lines of: "hue hue, I'm a smurf, I will just be back on another account, hue hue" Is there any possibility that permanent IP bans can start getting handed out to that small majority? Yes, it might not be effective for everyone as some will no doubt try to manipulate it, but that definitely won't be the case for them all, and at least it's a step in the right direction. It's really, really off-putting when you just want to be able to enjoy the game but you get stuck with people who are abrupt and extremely negative. There is the option to mute players too, but this also doesn't fix the problem of when they decide to start intentionally feeding either - whether thats by doing nothing or by diving into enemy turrets on purpose. Could we please set the default chat settings so that you need to activate it in the Options if you wish to (similar to how the /all chat works). Then at the beginning of the game the system will post in the chat box something like: "Player C has disabled in-game chat" for those who have opted in. I believe this would significantly reduce the amount of toxicity as currently I do not believe there is a way for a player to know if they have been muted or not by others without being told so directly. Thanks!
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