"Fun Game"

Captured with Lightshot
After like 2-3 days, i googled some fun picks, and went to play league. And so beacuse i wanted to have fun, at start of champ select my jungler said "Let me top", i nicely said "no sry", he replied "it wasnt a choice" and instantly banned my fun pick i hovered to play. When his turn came to pick, he instalocked yasuo with teleport, and entire game taxed me, when enemy jungler ganked or enemy top engaged, he just stand by side farming and spamming emotes. From start enemy toplane(morde) as well helped him by flaming me, and letting him tax me while he was pushing me up to tower for ABSOLUTLY no reason expect pure, unexplainable, hate. Thru entire game he was of course provking me, then in like 5mins in enemy lulu started flaming me as well again for no reason. Then my Mid started trolling, and then my adc started trollling, both buying troll builds and standing in base, eventually starting to flame me. Then of course not knowing what to do, my support went afk as well. Meantime yasuo bought some mana and left game, leaving me as only person playing the game on my team, here is valuable screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ob56e7 I honestly think ID bans should be used more, cuz as morde said, this is his 14th account, trolling and flaming over and over again on every one of them. Soo to put things short, i have question for you Riot: How tha hell am i supposed to have fun in this game?
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