End of season Inting?

So today was my day off work, I havent played lol in four days or so and at the start of the day I was playing pretty badly. But after about 4 games i started getting a bit better form. Unfortunately, it was clearly destined that today I would go down to gold 4 0lp because I got an afk jungler in one game, then one intentionally feeding mid laner who flamed me because I had picked master yi (assumably), and again after that I had another game with an intentional feeder mordekaiser support who died at least 20 times. And in my final game of the session another intentional feeder, making that particular set of games two ints in a row. The over all total of games I played was 10 games, 1 win, 9 losses, 4 of which where ruined by another player. Now I am not particularly mad or anything, but it does seem very strange that inside of ten games 4 were sabotaged. bare in mind I dodged 4 queues that had trolls in them as well. I mean it is my first time being close to ending a season in gold so should i just not play until rewards come in? Or is it just one of those days? Or is my initial bad run of games somehow linked to being matched with toxic players? I know that people often exaggerate the amount that they get trolled, so I don't expect this to be a regular occurance, because before today when I was climbing I hadn't actually had an afk since maybe march (I didnt play league from April - August) , and maybe 2 games in the past 2 months had trolls. Or maybe someone can respond with a more depressing ratio of trolls. I think in all honestly, 4/10 in one day is the worst rate I have ever experienced in 7 years of playing.
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