Leavers in Ranked

I do not see how Riot Games are unable to create a system that can efficiently stop 4 v 5 games in ranked. It's not something anyone enjoys, but there must be a range in frequency of this happening, in my ranked League experience, I play a 4 v 5 ranked game once every 3-5 matches, this may be just bad luck but is this a factor that should stop me being able to climb elo? I'm sure everyone has experience with rage quitters, and this is a hard issue to tackle, but if a player disconnects before 5 mins into the game there needs to be something the Riot can change so the rest of the team can do about it. Remaking seems to be too specific, it only occurs if no one has died BEFORE the player/s disconnects and if this happens before 3 mins into the game; this allows situations, where a teammate leaves the game at 3:01 or is only in the game for the span of 10 seconds, 2:55-3:05, the team, will have to play a 4 v 5 game or might be banned if they leave, a massive waste of time and effort. There's no way Riot can not know about this, instead of ignoring this issue they should fix it, rather than making new skins for akali and lux.
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