When will I get my honor back?

I got banned for toxic behavior in chat around 3-4 months ago. I got a 8 games ban and after I was done I saw my honor rank was lvl 0. Its said I could get it back If i play nice or something I do not remember. However I wont say I did not deserv the ban but it was a ranked game and I was playing adc and my top laner was playing vayne with smite! I was thinking we would lose but I wanted to win so I did my best. I died pretty quick and I was fast flamed by this Vayn over and over. So I got really mad because she blamed me when she was playing with smite in top and somehow im shit player. In the end I said someting like this you probobly are ******* fat and live in your moms house because I have ADHD i easy gets frustrated. I wont blame it on my ADHD because I know I did wrong but I was honor 5 since 2017 and I get around 2-3 honors every game. Now my question is why havent I got my honor rank back. To me its sems weird since I get this much honors everygame 1-3 honors and Maybe got 150 honors since ban why havent I got further then honor rank 1 checkpoint 1 out of 3. I have really made no progress in 3-4 months While I have got around 150 honors maybe. Im so dedicated to this game and Just because I made one mistake should I really be this punished?? It hurts me because Now people see me as a toxic player when Im aqtually pretty friendly. Thx everyone who took the time to read this<3 If anyone have any information for me pls tell me in the comments or text me.
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