i want to thank riot for giving me 25 games chat ban for no reason

so i was playing a ranked game with sej jungle and everyone started spamming their pings on me and wanted me to babysit them, i couldnt cause the enemy team had wards everywhere, everyone start flaming me and blaming me for eveything and decide to report me for not begind god in this game(you know if you lose your lane always blame jungle). so when the game ended my whole team report me me cause i didnt babysit their lane and 1 from the enemy team cause i ganked and killed him and he got mad at me so he decided to report me too .. after some mins i saw that i got 25 games chat ban -_- thank you riot i love you !!!! 4 chat bans and 3 are only cause my team didnt like my playstyle. can i do something to stop that shit??
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