Bronzyes don't know how to play competativaly

Well, I been trying to get out of bronz 3 years now, I can tell u there is no way out of bonz unless u are a dup playing noob. No matter how much I can do in the end its always the team as a whole that needs to be good to win a game, Why do players that still dont know how to play get to play competative? Its unfair to thoes who had a single bad season and dont get up out of that becus the teams in bronz are too bad. And this new ranking system, why cant thay just have it like it was in season 1? It was a lot better, a lot more competision and players werent so judgmental. This game has become compleate toxic wastes after thay came with the new ranking system, and players who want to try to win dont get the chance due to the lower ranked players arent as competative as the higher, more experienced players.
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