Riot please do something with your matchmaking already.

This isn't funny... Just now out of 4 games won 1. Performed great in all 4 yet I just can't keep up with how fast opponents around me get fed in first 10min. I may get 3 kills while 1-2 lanes have 2x my amount. I check my team mates to see how well they perform in other games. Every game I see like 1-2 inters that do this in most of their games. Almost in all games same scores and it doesn't matter if they won that or lost. Number examples: 1/6/10 3/12/5 2/12/4 3/3/7 2/13/8 4/8/5 4/9/6 1/6/2 You have to be kidding me with team mates like that. You want to tell me they have same mmr as me? In most cases my worst KDA champ has best KDA compared to their champs. Wouldn't be so awful to lose if I didn't know that with each game my mmr gets worse and worse so soon I will lose more then I receive LP. I see people complaining about this daily because clearly quality of games dropped hard. Games just snowball too fast to keep up not because a better team is winning but because someone can't stop fighting even after they lose 2 times. Don't need LCS pro players and I can live if someone does couple mistakes but same thing over and over each game seems a bit too much.
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