Perma ban

So Hello there. First of all before you all start judging me, i have been playing this game since 2012 and the current state of the game is not even close to how it used to be every other playing is trolling feeding on purpose giving FBs and going afk rage quits i lost so many promos because of that and those didnt receive anything so here comes my story. i will just cut it to the case, i got chat restricted for 25 games Cool and than a ban for 14 days cool for "Toxic" because im saying to this people "Shut the f up" or "f you" or "you dumb b i t c. h". ????? why should i get banned for words like that ? when clearly every game you enter people use this kind of words and they dont get banned i have seen even far worse people using homophobics words or racists words too and they dont get any penalty but when i use "f you" ETC or what ever i get banned and i opened a ticket for riot they are telling me "just mute them", ok lol i did but you cant mute every player you enter with every game its impossible to play like that the whole point of the game is to play as a team it not going in and mute every guy you see in your team because it doesnt even matter people will always be toxic and flame you cant ban 99% of the league players for saying "f you" or "f yourself" i can understand chat restricting people for more than 50 games but perma ban a guy for using a "bad word" that not even a bad word everybody saying f that f this f him its common lol you can enter a ranked match right now and see how atleast 2 of your teammates gonna start throwing those words even if you are winning doesnt matter you cant just mute everybody and ban everybody plus im not saying now people should run around and start throwing bad words and stuff like that i just want you guys to understand the reporting system is BAD!! like literally everybody is complainning about it i literally got perma banned because some players in my team were trolling and feeding on purpose and i didnt even flinch i didnt even say a thing but when they start talking shit it pisses me off i gotta response i opened my ticket to riot and tried to explain to them the story and they were like "nope you are toxic" Please try to understand im not running around cursing swearing on people im just here to play the game like i said i played the game since 2012 its not like it used to be its so different now everybody have bad games i understand we all have it i have it too but you just cant have a bad game and start blaming your teammates i play mainly jungle i swear i still didnt clear my camps people lose lane getting FBs and even double kill for example in my bot lane i have a Xayah playing on 1000 ping he or she what ever keeps pinging us look i have high ping now i understand i didnt tell him anything bad i was like ok man try to def try to stay under turret and i will gank you did he listen to me ? of course not.. the guy fought with 1000 ping keeps dying while my other lanes are losing and what did he say late game guess what? "report jungle lost us the game" what..? you are trying to fight with 1000 ping keeps dying over and over and now you are saying report jungle ? after i came and ganked your lane like 3 or 4 times and even gave you a few kills instead of farming or idk what ever you wanna do you try to keep fighting with 1000 ping not even trying to reset router or fix the problem and starting to flame and being toxic towards me ? so i snapped here and told him "you are a reta r d" you played the whole game with 1000 ping you keep dying over and over again and no one told you a thing no one flamed you and now suddenly when we are about to lose the game you are starting to flame me?" guess what was his answer "Yes its your fault" ok its my fault that he lost his lane with 1000 ping and lost us the game because their bot lane carried but why being toxic and flame me and than when i flamed him back i got banned ? what the actual F..??? where is the logic in this why this keeps happening why riot just look at one side because some guy have a premade guy with him reporting one guy and he gets banned for being toxic whats the point of this game.. and they say dont replay back just mute you cant do that every game you need to defend yourself somtimes you wont just see there quietly while other people just throwing bad words at you which may i add i reported him and nothing happened lol anyway i have been talking too much i just want you guys to understand that this game is not like it used to be and i got perma banned for something stupid and riot knows they made a mistake but they dont want to admit it.. look riot whats the point of a team work game when you have no communication with your team ? please open your mind i dont deserve this ban.. people deserve to get banned or only Feeders on purpose of course trollers AFKs but using words like "f you" and ETC what..? come on.. for all the senstivie people in chat i forgot how the legend himself was so right back in the time this video is relevant today more than before.
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