Time when you need stop playing ranked!

After every second game where i got always one who go afk,feed,troll i decided to stop playing ranked {{summoner:7}} , there is no sense playing anymore i know for some its just 1/2 game happen like this but i got every time and i am tired , just now i played game and we had Fizz (0-5) vs Zed (7-2)and we write him "dont feed him" (but it was too late anyway) and he write : "watch this" and "A summoner has left the game." Like this i have literally every time i start from S5 and I managed to climb up to S1 then every other game they troll,afk,feed and im just one game from S3 now, 4 games in row i had AFK then trolls ,i dont see reason to play because i can not avoid them always have them in game. What Feeding means for me= in 10 min of game you have jungler 0-7 and on end game 3-15 or Mid 2-12 (thats what happen to me) They troll picks champ and in game trying play solo(every time team fight 4 vs 5 ). In my last 20 games i had 13 afk/feed/troll perhaps i have curse or something but i quit,what is enough is enough . I would like to play but its just to many toxic players and rest what i write but most feeders and trolls . Report dont work i got just one feedback and thats almost nothing. I trying be nice and to help everyone but its useless {{summoner:3}}

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