UNjustified baan riot won't remove it!!!!!!

pls do not make tickets about my case i seem to have gotten in contact with a reasonable rioter and will make a new post once im done talking with them and link it here with an explanation!. Riot Games Support I can see that you were given the wrong chat log, so I've included that below: Pre-Game Chat [2019-08-25 14:52:03 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: can i jgl [2019-08-25 14:52:10 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: k [2019-08-25 14:54:29 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: i meaan only thomas and taric is f2p what you expect? [2019-08-25 14:54:30 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: XD In-Game Chat [0:21] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): klatkage [0:46] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): mums [0:57] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): <3 [1:02] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): ska der bare spises [3:36] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): du smurfer for hårdt :c [5:40] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): vi hugger baare jo [5:46] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): hygger* [6:13] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): næsten [6:59] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): auto fill unlucky [8:40] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): oki det stor pik det der [8:49] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): <3 [10:55] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): well [10:57] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): go next [11:26] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): nu komemr tryhardsne sku [11:32] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): kommer* [14:16] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): slap dog aaf aaltså [14:22] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): sidder bar elige og hygger [14:40] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): sure [15:27] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): oof [16:00] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): men jeg skal have noget guld for at få mad [17:04] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): taaak tak [17:46] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): %%% %%% til dig smukke [18:1%%%[%%%] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): <3 [18:40] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): den ryze gør lidt ondt [19:24] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): unicorn lnag [19:41] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): de toxic :c [20:39] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): man ka ikke engag hyg sig i normal ude at blive flamet [22:55] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): aav [23:29] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): its normaal why so mad [24:12] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): men jeg vinner har mest guld fraa sup item [24:21] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): XD [25:48] [All] Addfor EIo Boost (LeBlanc): gg Post-Game Chat [2019-08-25 15:22:16 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: gg <3 [2019-08-25 15:22:21 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: det var hygge jo [2019-08-25 15:22:44 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: its normal game calm down [2019-08-25 15:22:53 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: save the tryhaard for when i boost [2019-08-25 15:23:00 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: ? [2019-08-25 15:23:16 PDT] Addfor EIo Boost: gg :3 riot respons: https://imgur.com/eUiTuxJ guess context doesn't matter at all in what i write get banned unjustified and riot doesn't care really nice company was a person in enemy team with danish name so we wrote danish in all chat all the things we wrote are positive things no flame and i get banned just cuz riot support can't google translate 1 word? edit second respons https://imgur.com/LWSWeh5 guess my acc is just doomed.. they disregard any kind of context and side with the auto mated bot just bc some 4chan ppl made up an acronym that is not paart of the real english language but is aa part of a real spoken language in my country and has been used for thousand of years edit 2: did try posting on reddit for more attention but mods dont allow unless its about a famous player it seems https://imgur.com/9kqEKxK edit 3 https://imgur.com/JQhLZZM feels like riot is talking against them self first rioter legit send my logs as copy pasted above and told me why i was banned this rioter just says the games are to old despite it only being2/3? days i'm not sure what this rioter is talking about he makes no sense to me at all what so ever
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