We need more Emote drops

I dont know the exact details on how to get emotes, but one requirement would be being Level 4 in Honor and getting a capsule dropped. thats not good. If you want flamers to have less rewards like blue essence, ward skins or whatever, sure thats fine, but dont revoke them the ability to have emote drops. I think emotes are essential in improving the overall player behaviour in the game. some weeks ago, the minions were constantly showing emotes over their heads, and I thought it was a fantastic feature. It was very sad to see riot remove it. maybe they havent removed it and i just dont see it anymore because im honor locked lol. but that wouldnt matter, because especially flamers with low honor levels and so on, should be exposed to friendly emotes as much as possible. I thought that my overall mood and behaviour has drastically improved, while the minions were still showing their emotes. I mean you are literally revoking people the ability to make use of friendly emotes. Just say that sentence out loud and see for yourself how wrong it sounds. Everyone should be able to use friendly emotes, not just honorable players. To me it sounds like an EXTREME violation against human rights. People in prison also have a set of rights, that they can make use of. No guard will go to a prisoner and say "STOP SMILING, YOURE A BAD PERSON". Make the emote drops available to everyone, and make them more frequent. theyre a good thing
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