Hi everyone.1 please don't make any mean comments about my name, 2 if you plan on doing some toxic comments about the fact that i am not even level 30 i want you to know that i got perma banned on my main account(THEUNFORGIVEN1XD), and now let's get started with the actual thread. So,i was playing some {{champion:157}} on top.Everything was going well,i was getting preety fed,but at some point,our {{champion:119}} decided it would be fun to run down bot lane until he dies and feeds their{{champion:119}} and their {{champion:17}} to the point where both of them were allways beating me.And just to prove that he was purposly trolling,let me list the items of this {{champion:119}}: {{item:3006}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3006}} {{item:1001}} . And also,our support {{champion:14}} i think he was kinda trolling as well,because he just was going in pointless 1v5's.I did not flame them or any kind of negative speech,but the {{champion:119}} was flaming and complaining about ks's and saying he'll report all of us.That is really %%%%ed up from him,i hate players like these,but i really hope that in the near future,Riot will do something about these players. Thanks for taking time to read and/or respond to my board! Peace <3
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