Should riot Add these funny filters to GG EZ

Blizzard snuck a hilarious gag into the patch that hit the Overwatch public test realm today. The change automatically edits the text chat of anyone who types a certain phase into the match channel—don't worry, you'll only be affected if you're a jerk. if you type "gg ez" (as in, "good game, easy win") and hit enter, your text will instantly output a random response created by Blizzard. The swapped text lines range from sportsmanlike to outright self-deprecating: "Well played. I salute you all." "For glory and honor! Huzzah comrades!" "I'm wrestling with some insecurity issues in my life but thank you all for playing with me." "It's past my bedtime. Please don't tell my mommy." "Gee whiz! That was fun. Good playing!" "I feel very, very small... please hold me..." {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I like the idea these people who type gg ez after winning a game with a score of 1/20 will only make fun of themselves
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