I`m done for now

Of course, nobody cares abput myself specificly, but I`m done with this game. The game itself is good and I like how riot changed the runes/mastery system, but many players are still shit; not by their skill, but their mentality. Too many players are not able to see their mistakes and blaming others afterwards just to justify their bullshit; turning the game in a disaster. I dont mind these people, if they stay in normals, where their actions dont affect others like they do in ranked, but they have to play ranked I guess. I took a 2-month break earlier this year and I felt pretty good about it. Last month moved and started playing again because I got bored, and got reminded quite quickly, why I left. Of course most player is like explained above, but 1 out of 5 is enough to destroy the game completely. bla bla bla, long story short - I`m out. gl and hf everyone else for the pre-season.
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