Flamed in ranked..?

Today was my second time playing ranked. I was really anxious, because my first ranked game I didn't do too badly in, but I received a rather large amount of flame from my teammates nonetheless. Before I even left the summoner platform, I asked my team to not tilt or flame me, warned them that I'm not the greatest League player and that I might have a few nooby slip-ups here and there. They seemed all happy and content, agreeing with me. Within five-ish minutes I had died to the red buff (I was playing Kayn jungle). It was my own fault really as I forgot to use my E to heal. Didn't have that much of an effect on my team - probs because it was early and no one had much time to get tilted or angry yet. I was constantly running from the enemy jungler - I'm really just too anxious of letting my team down by dying to take anyone on despite the fact that Kayn's entire playstyle depends on it (another mistake of mine in that game). I died again to the wolves a few minutes later - again, I forgot to kite and use my E for healing. This prompted a few hurtful but not really flaming responses from the Brand and Ahri on my team. Simple things such as "noob" - but I doubt anyone likes to be called a noob. The game went on, and I kept doing worse and worse. I was too scared to attack enemy champions for fear of letting my team down - which meant I couldn't change form, which expanded Kayn's weak early game, which, in turn, made me fall behind. Not to mention the fact that the enemy jungler kept jungling on our side and putting me at a larger disadvantage. I died two more times - once to the enemy jungler, and once in a poor attempt at a gank. By now my teammates were really pressuring me to get my game on. I blamed lag - which, of course, did play a part, as my ping shot up to 200 when I engaged in the gank. The whole game, I did all I could to turn it around - I jungled to try and bring my levels up, ganked where I could to maybe gain a few orbs,and in general tried to keep from dying to avoid upsetting my team further. I ended up dying 2 more times, making my kda a less than favorable 0/6/2. It sounds really nooby, but it was one of my worse games. In the end, the enemy's Riven and Nunu ended up getting fed (not all by me, mind) so that they were both near one-shotting me due to my low level, health, and damage. Finally, I managed to change Kayn's form to Darkin near the 30-minute mark, by which point we'd lost an inhibitor and the game was basically over. By now my teammates were yelling at me in team chat. Calling me a troll, liar, feeder - when I was none. I was just having a bad game, is that such a crime? I think what promoted the "liar" part was that I was claiming to have lag - which I did, for the most part. Ahri demanded I show my ping, which I did - around 62 ms. Which isn't laggy of course, but I was't having a lagspike then. The way my team flamed me and put me down despite being so nice in the early game really depressed me and only made me do worse. Multiple times my team said I was going to be reported, and Jarvan IV even put in /allchat for everyone to report me for supposedly trolling. My teammates would just not see reason, and I didn't have the heart to mute them, because I would miss anything important they told me. After the game, someone even had the nerve to friend me and message me, threatening that 4 tickets would be filed to Riot for my behaviour (My entire team was reporting me, apparantly.) Then they told me to enjoy my permanent ban and get a new account before unfriending me. I wasn't intimidated by the threats of being reported - I'm used to them by now, especially when people report you for things like insta-lock and stealing kills. It was just the fear that every ranked game is like this. It honestly makes me not want to play ranked anymore, but I'm determined to improve. I don't know what to do - I really don't want to go back into that queue and be flamed again - alone, anyway. Could someone give me some advice? On how to handle this sort of thing in the future, or my newfound "ranked anxiety", or just some kind of tips on how to get better in normals to prevent this??
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