Chat restriction of my hub defending me

Ok so let's start from the fact, that I avoid chat almost totally since I've learned my lesson from the past and never get toxic players to me. Yesterday we had romanians ( my hub is romanian - I am not ) in team which started to insult me before the game. I warned them to stop or Ill report them. They didn't stop calling me vulgar names etc. I told my hub just to let it go since my mom teached me not to touch sht cause it stinks.I know this community is fk'ed up, but I just want to play a game in peace!!!! I report them and what Riot does?! They chat restrict my hub.... wow should I laugh now? I have a really bad opinion about Riot already, but this ismaking me considering quit this game and just go to Dota or whatever else and uninstall it. Do you really think, that using a translator is too hard , to judge this case in the wrong way like you did Riot? Yes, your employee screwe up, but he still did it in your NAME being hired by you, so i blame YOU. Peace out. Don't eat me, I am not yummy.
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