Suspended, cut of from all social; except....

So, I got suspended... fair? Not if you ask me... I reply to the toxic haters, something I never start with... Fun fact: the other day I got the annoucement that 88% other ppl that premades like you as a team player... 3 days later I got suspended... Anyway, besides that part I really don't like how Riot is handeling this. When you get suspended you can't talk to your friends in chat, or even play vs bots... So, all the social aspect is gone! But you know what you still can do? SPENT YOUR MONEY TO BUY SH!T FROM RIOT! So, social nothing, no reason to logon, but they still care that you can spent your money to buy there silly skins etc. There will come a day that you have to pay 10$ to re-actived your suspended account. Riot, scammers, thanks for being there for the community!
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