Wanna share my game

Alright so we have Yi and Zed and enemy picks Rammus, somehow our toplaner thinks it's a good idea to pick Riven. So we end up with full ad team against rammus. Yi and Riven decide to lvl2 dive tryndamere-tryndamere gets double kill. Yi is babysitting top with no success. Riven quickly reaches 0/5 while we get heavily ganked on bot by enemy rammus. Enemy rammus gets spotted by a ward at their blue. Yi is killing red- I ping rammus' position and expect counter gank. Yi comes into tribush. I foolishly expected that Yi would help- Yi started recalling instead. I played the best game as Thresh i played since season 6 (the last season i tryharded) and managed to almost carry us but in the end the enemy team finally managed to push through. The game lasted 33 minutes but felt much longer. Now the reason i'm writing this-Almost every player on enemy team wrote how they thought that i played really good which made me feel real nice, because as support you usually don't get much recognition (if you are not in high elo). Just wanted to say thanks.
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