need an analys for my last chat logs i got permanent banned 8 months ago Those are my chat logs. In teory the chat logs just can be flaggered as toxic for a few lines , the problem is that some lines like "no support" , can't be considered in a toxic way because ,my support was a shen who roam and stayed mid ... , in fact throught no support i was just answering back to the thinghs he told me ,that i feed and i die and stuffs like this , i was 1 vs 2 and just stated that in fact to show him that he shoulded be in support role to protect me not to leave me to play 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 when the jungler was ganking .. In teory i asked for Riot support analys and they haven't gived me a list of what been highly considered toxic in my behaviour , i been using threat to estomp grief or troll behaviour which was obvious ... , but the problem is that it was marked as toxic , yeah i shouldn't warn him that i go submit ticket on support department , but this really makes people to stop it ... , like they know that 100% throught a manually investigation they will get detected ... is like your way of telling them there is no way for them to don't get punished if they do that... ,so maybe they will stop and you could save time and others players wouldn't get toxic etc... Secondly when i sayd i may be mad , i wanted to say i may be bad ... as jax called me a bad player who no deserve red buff... , and i tryed to tell him that such behaviour is considered toxic etc... , is not okey if he call me a bad player while i try my best and i played 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 ... , more than this i wanted to get red in min 30 or later... , i haven't got any buff all the game ,he even steal it somehow from me .. , which proofs how immature he was when i tryed to play serious and for victory. In rest game 2 , idk i just told zed i am not getting affected of any of his behaviour because i am an otp player as adc ... , yes i played jungle but at that time playing adc was feeling horrible as there were much troll around and wanted to chill out playing evelyn as a main player do ,due to watching pro players tactics and position etc... . " Vlad To Kill You: the only one who loss is you your account if you share this behaviour again Vlad To Kill You: you can be 100 % sure that i ask riot support to analys this game Vlad To Kill You: and i will keep write until they confirm me they check the game [All]Vlad To Kill You: Playing league of legends while someone refuse to play and flame you :(" I guess that is threat too , is like i am the guy who's negative throught that ,not the guy who started to flame and to leave mid and not even protect tower or farm... , was likely just insulting and not leaving me to play in peace... , so i doubt my severity and behaviour was indeed worth 140 years ban as i will proof you below. I started new account ,lv 97 got lot's of trollers among the time i played ,toxic players ,bad players ,never procced to estomp anymore any kind of trolling behaviour i just leave them to do what ever they do , to toxic player i tell them to focus on game,to mute each other etc... , to bad players i encourage them to share better plays , and telling others to cut with the toxicity telling them that there could be a good enemy he fight against , or a smurfer , or he is just ganked or that hero counter his pick etc.. I am legit 8 months clean on this account almost lv 3 should pop up when it will be the time ... (another one not the current account i write from), adding the 3 months i been chill and honor lv 1 before i get permanent banned ,i can easy consider myself a normal behaving player ... , the old account had like 100% of the past behaviour estomped it clearly dosn't look like i woulded insult someone gameplay like you 2 9 troller or something like that , neither saying anything to call him like that , just presenting him the facts that he is not okey what he do ... , and i present him that his behaviour been flaggered as trolling behaviour in past throught an exemple (game 1 speaking now ) , so i doubt i can deserve the punishment for saying that i submit riot support ticket to analys him should worth a permanent ban ... , is like the most offensive thingh could be going like.. ,beside that fact if the jax conversation could be toxic i don't see why , because he sayd that it isn't a toxic remark the fact that he stated , "you don't deserve it " "you bad player" , after he refused to give me the red while i started it... , i was explaing him in romanian that is somehow a gameplay rule somehow for adc to gets it after he becomes really strong in middle game or late game..
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