Why i play with boosted players (littirally boosted)

Soo these days.while playing games(including normal),i get queued with silver 2-1 gold 5 against bronze 1-2-3,the problem here is that my teammates doesnt play like they suppose to be,example:a gold 5 play like bronze 5 and so on,only me and 1 or 2 teamates play properly without feeding or flaming,the only logical explaination is that they're boosted litterally.i mean a gold 5 wont miss a Q with cait or lux,or wont go solo as ashe in bot,and the enemy kha is 6/4/8.that is bronze behaviour.or when i try to engage a teamfight as sej while everyone is behind me,i engage with q+ult and they're like standing there watching me like DUHHHHH,or waiting for ez kills.and that is a bronze 5 behaviour,what should i doo ?? need some help guys
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