How the heck do chat restricting work

Le story >Be me >Play draft pick normal, no point in playing ranked, season starts in 5 days anyway >Get teamed up with a 4-men premade team >Proceed to do quite well in the game both as a team and as a Fizz mid >Last teamfight enemy bot pushes mid vs me, I get dived and die vs fed Ezreal >Rest of my team fights bot, 4v3, only our Irelia survives >Trolls around, starts farming, doesn't recall, is late, enemy bot pushes mid and ends game >I say (exact quote): "Thanks Irelia, you just threw the game" (basically the only thing i said all game) >Our MF (who fed the enemy Ezreal): "OMG Fizz we are 4 premade you are so reported" >They all proceed to report me and i get a 25 games chat restriction TL;DR I remember Riot saying that this season if you are teamed with premades then your reports count more whereas theirs count less - did they not implement this yet, or am I stupid and deserve to die, or am I this toxic?
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