End of the season YOLO

**Hello everybody!** While I'm waiting for my client to fix it's issues, I thought perhaps it was fun to start a discussion about not being serious in game. This especially happens at the end of the season. Now I'm all for having fun in a normal game, but not at the cost of the fun of your teammates. **Why so serious?** At the end of the season I'd rather not touch ranked at all and just wait for the start of the new season. So instead I prefer to play draft. Even in draft I like to win. (seriously, who doesn't?) So I just play my game like I would in ranked. I even like to practice lanes that I normally wouldn't dare to choose in ranked. That's where I run into the first problem, especially if one of the enemy players picks a troll champ in a lane it's technically not supposed to be in. I just play my game and suddenly they start saying. "Why are you trying to hardcore win the game? It's just a normal lolz." And then they just assume that I'm being a tryhard. That might be true, I like to play seriously sometimes, but why is that a crime? Sometimes I also like to play a game with a champ where it doesn't technically belong, but that only happens when I'm in a 5man premade whom all agree that we're going to hardcore lose because of this. And that is okay because we at least had fun in the process! **Trolls and Suicidebombers** This might not be an end of the season issue, but I feel like, lately the toxicity has become a lot worse. Everyone is so mean to each other lately and I wonder why that is. I just mute everyone that is being toxic, but I'd rather have a good time with everyone and not mute everyone. This isn't just verbal, I also notice that as soon as the game doesn't go very well, or someone accidentally makes a bad move, the surrender vote gets spammed constantly. Don't we all hate it when we're busy fighting a teamfight and the person that died first spams the surrender vote, making me lose concentration on the fight and perhaps make a bad move because of that. I've also run into the issue that sometimes people think it's good to fight a 1v3 and then I ask them why they did that and then I get a response that says 'Yolo'. ......... ok, I guess... And whenever someone does something that goes against the fun of others, they just have this excuse that it's the end of the season, or that it is a normal game. **Thank you for taking your time to read this!** {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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