I think its time to talk about MATCHMAKING

https://imgur.com/192ugO4 https://imgur.com/ecFCIfi https://imgur.com/5TJeIu9 (https://imgur.com/tv3D7ge Seriously I dont know if it worths playing the game anymore. Every time I reach close to promos for PLAT then it starts. 10-20 games in a row with people just feeding, afk, been bots, flaming. Its every time the same story. I decided to stop ADC and move to top/mid cause I was tired of getting 1 shot. Guess what, my botlane ALWAYS loses. I mean seriously what ist he math here that I Get 3 lanes losing for so many games in a row? Am I doing something wrong? Is the system just broken and its a 50/50 chance to get a decent team or a really crappy one? Cause when u get that kind of teams for so many games in a row, then its something wrong. Any advise is welcomed cause I am getting really tilted with this game.
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