Riot please how can i climb with this players...

I played 2 games today and i got tilted again.Can you rename the game to League of making people tilted? please someone see the pic i posted the link of( or go to my history if it doesnt work) this is ridiculous. First game 'yas main' 60 cs down from the enemy mid not to mention the flame i reserved plus the typical 'FF noobs ' and GG he fed the enemy cho and bb lp. Second game i got autofilled and THAT IS THE GUY WHO REPLACED ME that sej GOT JG AND I GOT SUPP he was 0 5 10 mins in. WHY do i get matched with this players?Not to metnion all of them said 'i go troll' and just gave kills to everyone and noone listened to me saying BUY MORTAL REMINDER.BTW the enemy players said 'this voli is the only one that is playing ,honored' YEAH THANKS RITO PLEASE DEMOTE TO SILVER 1 AGAIN BECAUSE I GET PLACED WITH monkeys every game .T his is game is getting boring.AM BORED OF LOSING every game cause i get idiots for teammates you can call me toxic all you want but it doesnt change the fact that my teams this last days are horrible the only game i deserved to lost at my match history is the one with rengar cuz i just woke up and decided to play.Literally every game i place a bet one who will feed and flame this is the state of the game rn.RIOT you have to do something about this players and the matchmaking even after the new honor system everyone flames in my game its really sad having to mute all every game and play at my best to win only to lose again and again and again and again in s4 you could 1v9 why cant you do that in s7. At the last rek sai game i helped every lane and won top , jg and bot and the enemy mid managed to carry WHY CANT MY teammates carry too why cant my adc by lord domincs even tho literally spam it at the chat DUDE ITS A 1K HP CHO U CANT KILL HIM but no i am just at the bad game ,i am flaming and am being toxic 'adc logic op'.I really dont understand this game anymore. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}

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