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You probably don't know me and nor will you most probably care, I just wanted to say something which some of you may feel when you play League of Legends. The feeling I get some playing the game use to be great, enjoyment, happiness, smiley face. However recently "DDDOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM" the community of the game has become.... somewhat.... very childish, actually maybe even infant like. You could be playing a nice game of League and enjoying it with random people or friends. Lets say for example you are winning, not straight up you don't start spamming "GG EZ", "LOL, TROLL BOT LANE", "AFK CAUSE YOU GUYS ARE EZ", no we are all grown ups here and there is simply no need for this attitude towards people, for example we don't go and watch a film and as you leave you hear one person say "I don't think that film was great", you don't go up to them and say "LOL YOU FUCKING IDIOT, ARE YOU STUPID!!!", no, I mean we are all human and yes we all have opinions but with League of Legends all of the humanity in the world is out the window. I know this looks like I'm raging cause I have lost games or whatever but to me League of Legends is a game, but because of the attitude maybe people have in the community I.E. in game it is straight up ruining the game. I play many other games including the dirty beast WoW and never have I been called a "MUM BUM CUM EATER"... I know this topic will go no where but I hope some of you reading this can feel come comfort because you are not alone. P.S. if you are winning a game, don't say in all chat "GG EZ", because straight up everyone will think you are a child and second of all why? If Lewis Hamilton won a F1 race and then went around to all the drivers and just stuck his middle finger at all the other drivers I don't think he would be where he is right now. You don't get far in live if you be a massive dick all the time... well the only way this attitude can help you is if you are a sales person :) Regards MrApproved
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