Suspension and rewards

Cutting to the chase, the new honor/reward system is unforgiving for players who have been slapped with suspensions. Let's review the list of things that happen when you get a ban... 1) 14 days of suspension (or some other duration based on severity) 2) Your honor level taken away. Down to level 0. 3) Your honor level locked at 0 for a little while so you cannot progress. 4) You don't get key frags until you hit honor level 2. 5) Cannot play clash because you are not honor level 2. After you serve your ban, your honor progress is locked. But this only took a few days to unlock it. Which means now I can start progressing from level 0. Checkpoint 0 out of 3. I tried to have a rational conversation with the guys at player support for some answers. But I only got a typical generic responses that they are advised to give. Unfortunately for people like me, we are not given a fair chance at climbing back to honor level 2 at a reasonable pace. Most of the time people only honor you if you carry the game. Let's be honest. Now after reforming, if I just wanna remain neutral in all games, it is hard to get honors from teammates unless you had an impact like carrying/winning. That is not to say that we don't get honors when we lose or by just being nice. That does happen. But not as often as you'd like. Next, a lot of people just skip the post game honor page in a hurry to start the next game or whatever. So my question is... How can the system detect my positive change in these scenarios? Or at the very least being neutral which is better than being negative/toxic which in itself is a step forward. How am I given a fair chance at proving that I have changed? Or what is the deal with this? Most players are already unhappy with the IP system changing to BE. You get random champ shard(s) and/or few BE after levelling up. And it takes on an average 20 games to level up. So on an average, the amount of BE per game is way lesser than the amount of IP we used to get per game before. It's frustrating to see yi, amumu, nunu shards after opening capsules from levelling up. Really really really annoying.. You shred them to get 90BE.. Are you kidding me??????? So to compliment that, we we get champ shard from opening hextech chests. Now with the ban, I'm unable to get keys until I hit level 2.. This is seriously hampering me from unlocking more champs/BE... Few years ago before this whole honor system even came into the picture, you only used to suffer from: 1) 14 day ban 2) you probably won't get goodies like icons and other stuff during special events. The only things you used to miss out on is cosmetic stuff. But it never had a negative impact on earning IP/Champs. Now the ban is actually punishing you even more by not allowing you to unlock champs too via hextech chests because you can't get key frags.. I don't care out skins, emotes and all those that are absolutely useless to me. I want a fair chance of unlocking champs and BE. Finally, let's not get carried away by the fact that I was banned. So don't say stuff like "you shouldn't have been toxic at the first place, bla bla bla"... I was honor level 3 before the ban happened. I used to be positive... But I did become toxic for many games in a row outta frustration which I shouldn't have. Now I'm back to being positive and neutral at the very least. It took me 3-4 months to reach from level 2 to level 3. I'm very anxious to know how long it is going to take to reach level 2 from 0. But that happens based on the amount of games you have been honorable/positive. But like I mentioned above, how can the system correctly detect positive change in my if teammates decide not to honor you? I'm looking ahead and seeing an uphill task and I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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