Please ban everyone that types something in chat that offends me !

As a player of this game i want to be entitled to report and eventually get punished everyone who offends me, even though me being offended is a subjective imaginary thing. I can be offended by anything theoretically, even if i do a really stupid play and a teammate says wp, i have the right to be offended by that and get that player banned. It is not my fault for doing stupid things that affect my teammates, it is my teammate's fault for not accepting that i can do whatever I want, even if that presumes me being able to ruin his game and make him go down on the ladder while wasting 20+ minutes of his life having no fun. Whenever someone tells me that i suck at this game, I will say that I only play for fun, because that's the main excuse for being bad and not trying to improve, **I AM HAVING FUN** which roughly translates to "I do whatever I want to do, despite what the other 4 teammates want to achieve in this certain game". Which is by the way, not toxic at all !!!! **Me and the rest of the players that get offended by flaming want to have fun**, we do not care about winning the game. The purpose of a League of Legends game is not destroying the enemy nexus and doing whatever you can for that. The main purpose of a LoL game is to be able to do whatever you want, a.k.a. have fun, and if you have a problem with me planting teemo shrooms and not participating in any team fights the whole game then you deserve to be banned because you're what is wrong in this game. **Why focus on the game and try to help the team and make strategies work towards a win when I can be offended by people typing stuff in the chat?** Don't you guys understand that this game is about me caring what someone says and not winning? Even though is a team-based strategy game **It is all about me, me me me !!!!** Oh.... Wait.... Rito already does do that, sorry for bantering... Thank you for letting me punish players that have a problem with me doing whatever the f*ck i want in a game where i'm actually supposed to help the team win the game.
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